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  Driving > Optidrive IP55  
IP55 Variable Speed Drives

  • Reduced cable costs
    IP55 rated drives are protected from low pressure water jets and dust so can be installed in-situ, using minimal cabling.
  • Replace cabinets
    Save money and space by eliminating the need for additional control cabinets.
  • Safe and easy to use
    IP55 protected drives increase safety by keeping live parts enclosed and are more ergonomic, with accessible and easy-to-use on-drive controls.
  • Reduced complexity
    Installing drives closer to motors simplifies wiring and installation and means that equipment can be more easily moved and re-configured, if required.
  Driving > Optidrive IP66  
IP66 Variable Speed Drives

  • Working in high pressure water jets
    ough ABS case and corrosion resistant heatsink gives total reliability in wash down applications using strong water jets.
  • Simple control switches
    Switched models include a potentiometer for speed control; power switch with safety lock; plus start/stop and forward/reverse buttons for instant, accessible control.
  • Dust proof design
    Total reliability in dusty, harsh environments allows the IP66 rated drives to be located exactly where needed, minimising cabinet and cabling costs.
  • Safe and easy to use
    Intuitive touch panel controls allow fast drive set up and adjustment. The robust IP66 enclosure provides excellent protection for personnel whilst the lockable power switch option provides reliable machine lock-off during maintenance.
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