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  Driving > Optidrive E2 IP20  
Rich in features the Optidrive E is the most commercially competitive Optidrive in the Optidrive family.

Innovative and compact the Optidrive E range combines good looks with robustness, reliability and easy to use performance.

The product is dedicated to low power applications where total costs are ultra-competitive, including:
• Competitive purchase price
• Low installation costs
• Low commissioning costs
• Low technical support costs

Optidrive E has only 14 standard parameters to adjust in its basic form, thus Optidrive's legendary ease of use could not be easier or quicker to get started with. Optidrive E can be supplied with or without an internal rfi filter.

For fast and accurate repeat drive programming

Simply insert Optistick into the RJ485 slot on the face of the Optidrive E2:

• Upload/download buttons allow for fast copying of parameters between drives
• Infra red communications capability provides remote control convenience
• Can be programmed with PDA or Smart phone
  Key Benefits  
Small mechanical envelope
Rugged industrial 50°C ambient rating for hot and tough applications
Simple mechanical & electrical installation
Simple operation, powerful features easy to use
Fast setup, factory default settings ok for most applications, only 14 basic parameters
Motor current and rpm indication
Debugging using troubleshooting & P-00
150% overload for 60 secs (175% for 2 secs)
Keypad control
Integral RFI filter option
Integral brake chopper (S2 and S3 only)
Modbus RTU serial communications
  Electrical Data  
200-240V - 1 Phase Motor Power (kW)Output Current (A) Frame Size

200-240V - 3 PhaseMotor Power (kW)Output Current (A) Frame Size

380-480V - 3 PhaseMotor Power (kW)Output Current (A) Frame Size

  Key Physical Features  
DIN rail mounting
Easy access key slots for simple installation
Easy access contactor style power terminals for intuitive easy wiring
Help card for basic parameter description and terminal layout
Easy to use keypad with bright LED display
5mm pitch, rising clamp control terminals
  Key Control Features  
Analogue input supports (0..10V) and 4-20mA) modes
Programmable I/O for flexible control
Analogue input 12 bit resolution for accuracy
Positive logic digital inputs (active high)
Galvanically isolated and short circuit proof
  Key Programming Features  
In-built brake chopper (S2 upwards)
Programmable sleep mode for energy saving
User PI control
Auto restart mode
Slip compensation
Silent motor running with 32kHz ultra-quiet switching
4 preset speeds
"DC Injection" braking on enable to stop free wheeling motors
Mains dip ride through
Skip frequencies
Last 4 trips stored with time stamp
Parameter lock with password protection
Hours run meter
Display speed scaling factor for electronic gearing
Spin start (S2 upwards)
  Key Specifications  
Supply frequency 48 to 62 Hz
Max. permissible 3-phase supply imbalance 3%
Max. ambient temperature 50°C
Max. altitude 2000 m
Derate above 1000 m, 1% / 100 m
I x t protection above 100% output current
150% overload for 60 sec
175% overload allowable for 2 sec
Storage temperature -40 to +60°C
Size Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Fixings
1 173 82 123 1.1 4 * M4
2 221 104 150 2.6 4 * M4
3 261 131 175 4.0 4 * M4
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